So, you’re ready to step out of overwhelm, but you’re not sure the exact steps to get there. If you really want to unlock your potential, grow your business and transform your life, there’s no reason to put off your dreams a minute longer.

Whether you’ve been in business 20 years or you’re just starting out, I can help you. Together, we’ll design your unique strategy, including a roadmap of where you’re at, to where you want to be.

Not only have I manifested a business + life that align with my desires & priorities, I’ve helped my clients do the same. And I can help you, too.

Let me help you create a business and life that light you up every day.
— Colette


Lydia Staats, Motivational Speaker & Coach

"Having utilized life/business coaches for the past 3 years and prior counselors to work through my journey of "life" in identifying me, my desires and direction, I have found Colette to be a great fit with her MBA degree and many years in the business as a business coach. She brings to the table a variety of experiences, failures and successes that she has implemented to direct me in achieving my business and life goals. Colette is professional yet down to earth in her style of coaching that keeps me grounded so I can focus on the task at hand. Thank you Colette for crossing my path and guiding me to greater levels in my personal and professional desires and goals!"


vip day experience: Deep Dive Intensive

I'm currently offering two format options for your one-to-one coaching, in addition to in-company trainings. See below for detailed descriptions or book a Discovery Session for a customized recommendation.

All one-on-one coaching sessions are custom-tailored to your precise needs. 

Topics that may be covered in your one-to-one coaching:


  • Understanding your unique talents and expertise
  • The best ways to turn your talents into income
  • Getting clear on your ideal lifestyle & priorities (It’s about more than just money!)
  • Creating multiple streams of income & achieving your desired income  
  • Developing a step-by-step implementation strategy & plan
  • Finding clarity around your core message and personal purpose

Sales & Marketing

  • Designing your personalized marketing plan
  • Finding & converting clients (in person & online)
  • How to set up your sales funnel
  • Leveraging the full power of opt-ins
  • Establishing a strategy for attracting (free) clients via Social Media
  • Creating webinars, programming, and online ads that sell
  • Understanding Facebook Power Editor & Reporting
  • Writing copy that draws in your ideal clients 
  • Website design and copy for conversion
  • Building a strong list of leads
  • Heart-centered selling with ease – not sleaze
  • What you should be doing on a Sales/ Discovery Call – and what you shouldn’t
  • Setting up auto-responder/email campaigns 
  • Developing newsletter and blog content you don’t dread
  • Launching your programs – even before you’re ready
  • Gaining mass media attention

Offerings & Pricing

  • Developing packages & content that sell
  • Market research & understanding your clients
  • Determining your positioning & pricing strategy
  • Designing your group course
  • Session content & product development


  • Finding & Hiring the perfect talent for your team
  • Creating a collaborative - productive - culture
  • Honing team leadership & development skills
  • Leveraging outside resources
  • Delegating for maximum results


  • Creating a cohesive brand that you’re proud of
  • Communicating your “Why” & the power of emotion
  • Setting yourself apart from the crowd
  • Establishing yourself as the expert

Business Tools

  • Stress-free money management & cost reduction
  • Time management & productivity tools
  • Implementing leverageable processes & systems 
  • Developing Strategic Relationships (Joint Ventures, Collaborations, Affiliates)

It has been an absolutely amazing experience working with Colette! I have a great deal of passion for my career but was struggling to develop a truly successful business. Colette's positive energy, clear direction, specific next steps, and incredible "assignments" have already done so much for my business. Revenue is up and I'm working "smarter" than ever! Her guidance is truly invaluable and I feel honored to have the opportunity to receive her services. 

~ Kacey Morrow, RD, LD, CLT, Registered Dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist


vip next level BUSINESS program

Double your income. Align your priorities.  Lead with your genius.

Have you dreamt of waking up every day to a business and a life that fulfills you? A life filled with freedom, wealth and fulfillment? Making decisions based on what your heart wants, not whether you can afford it? Feeling truly happy and grateful every day for what you've achieved?

But right now you're overwhelmed, feeling unsure and don't know what to do next?

I completely understand; I was there, too, when I first started. And I don't want you to stay stuck in that confusion, fear of the unknown, or feeling of loneliness. You don't have to do it alone! I know you don't want to stay where you're at for the rest of your life, feeling uninspired, like you could be doing something more - regretting that you didn't go 100% all-in towards following your dreams and reaching your true potential. 

This life is far too short for regrets.

Under my watch, we'll turn those obstacles into opportunities.

And we'll turn that fear and transform it into pure excitement.

Excitement is the "fear" that comes when your passion, your deep inner purpose, pops out and says, "YES! That's what I want!" It makes you hold your breath at the sheer thought of what could be. And that's freaking scary. Why? Because if we go for our ultimate dream and fail, what will be left? Who will we become?

Well, let me tell you once and for all: IF YOU SAY “YES” TO YOURSELF, YOU WILL NOT FAIL.

WHEN YOU’RE COMMITTED, “FAILURES” BECOME SIMPLY FEEDBACK ON YOUR JOURNEY TO SUCCESS. And working together, we can reduce that feedback and move through it quickly, so you don’t get stuck along the way.

As long as you keep going, you cannot fail. And if you’re going to do it, then be all in. Don’t spend years “trying” and flailing about. I want to help you make it happen NOW.

I promise you - if you show up - we will create dreams that you hadn’t even imagined yet. You will be transformed. Not just your business, but your outlook, your goals, your LIFE.
— Colette

VIP next level business Program Includes:

  • One 1.5 hr deep-dive Double Strategy Session to set goals, priorities and strategy for your business
  • 11 sessions of bi-weekly Strategy Sessions (45 min/each) to guide you and keep the momentum 
  • BONUS: From Idea to Success: Business Building eCourse for discovering your genius & building your Business Foundation (Value $1997)
  • Weekly email access to get feedback and bust through any blocks between sessions
  • Customized workbooks, done-for-you handouts, guides, resources and recommendations to jumpstart your progress
  • Thousands of dollars in bonuses from experts in websites, social media, public speaking, etc.
  • BONUS: 2-Day "Create & Market" Workshop(Value $497+)


*Payment plans available.

"If you are your own boss or want to become your own boss in the future, having Colette show you the path will fast track you to the outcome you are looking for in your business and your life. We all wonder if we're on the right path as times.  As business owners, we took our passion and turned it into a business but sometimes we'ree not getting the financial return on our passion. That can be frustrating. 
Prior to our session, I was struggling with deciding what to do next in building my new business. I often see something shiny and get distracted from one focus. By the end of the session, we had defined the offerings and price structures for a $100K+ business, including an approach to blocking out my time and effort going forward. It was wonderful to have an outside view point on my thoughts about what my future company may look like. I now feel confident that I'm on the right track to achieving my goals.
When finding a coach to help your business be exactly what you want it to be you need a coach with crystal clear vision, knowledgeable content and  an empathetic heart. Make sure you have a sitdown with Colette so that you can experience someone who possess those qualities first hand." 
~ James Riemer, The Health & Fitness Agent


VIP Day experience: Deep Dive Intensive

Ready to grow your business and life in a day? (Yeah, seriously.)
I’m always on the move, and I want to help you get results FAST. You’ll walk away from this workshop with clarity around your goals and a clear action plan so you can confidently get there, without the overwhelm. This isn’t called an “intensive” for nothing; this day will shave many months - even years (and a lot of unnecessary stress!) - off your progress. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in a day!
— Colette

sample topics may include:

  • reas of focus will be fully customized to your needs but may include: Setting intentions/goals, clarifying your vision/priorities/why, current state assessment, opportunity assessment, sales funnels creation, marketing & launch plans, biz + life balance, creating your signature offer, designing your group course, implementing systems, adding income streams, hiring your team, moving through blocks & limiting beliefs, embodying your inner leader/team development, etc. 

What does the day experience look like?

(Exact times may vary according to needs & location.)

  • Assessment to determine your needs and areas of focus at time of booking
  • Day Experience: Deep Dive Intensive to transform your business and life (In Person or via Skype)
    • 9:00am - 12:00pm Strategy Session Half Day 
    • 12:00pm - 1:00pm Beautiful lunch (please specify any dietary requests)
    • 1:00pm - 4:00pm Strategy Session Half Day
    • Includes morning coffee/tea, lunch, and gift bag
  • Personalized action plan/assignments to guide you beyond our sessions together
  • 45-minute Post-Intensive Strategy Implementation Session two (2) weeks after Day Experience to provide accountability and address questions/roadblocks encountered in implementation
  • One month of unlimited email support following intensive

Location Options (2016):

We will meet at a beautiful hotel, private residence or conference center depending on city.

  • Virtual Intensives (may be split into 2 days)
  • San Diego - May 11 or 14
  • San Francisco - inquire about dates
  • Los Angeles - June 9-12 (inquire about additional dates)
  • Minneapolis/St.Paul - inquire about dates
  • Denver - July 6 or 7, 2016
  • New York - inquire about dates
  • Kelowna, BC, Sept 20, 24-25, 2016
  • Chicago - Oct 4-6, 2016

Locations updated every quarter. (I like to travel!) Inquire below for additional locations and dates.
Limited to 2 clients per location.

In-Person INVESTMENT: 2,997 

Virtual (skype) INVESTMENT: 2,497 

*Payment plans available; must be paid in full prior to full day experience.