When we are clear on our desires, trust our intuition and take risks - even when we don’t know the exact “How” - the outcomes feel serendipitous.
In truth, they are a result of many intentional small steps.

My role is to help you clarify your vision, analyze the options, develop that strategic set of steps and co-implement, taking into account the inevitable pivots along the way.

Prior to finding my calling as an International Business Strategist & Leadership Coach, I left my small hometown in Wisconsin, USA, to travel the world. A second-time entrepreneur, I've lived in 4 countries, working with top international companies in the areas of business services, change management, human resources, higher education, and management consulting. 

When I left corporate to start my business as a solo-preneur, I realized I couldn't find the level of support I desired - and needed - without paying tens of thousands of dollars a pop. I also new that the fastest way I could make a huge impact in the world would be by helping those entrepreneurs that have a passion & gift to share with the world, but don't have the business background needed to grow their businesses quickly.

When we are all empowered to share our gifts, we send out a ripple effect of progress and inspiration to others, changing the world beyond our reach.

That's when my mission came together to not only help ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their businesses strategically, but to bring together the top experts in the industry. Ultimately my purpose is about creating a community of change-makers who use their innate gifts to change the way we view "work" and "impact" in the world, one community at a time. Are you ready to quantum leap your results and impact?

Certifications & Degrees (See "Media" page for recent contributions)

I graduated with an MBA from the University of Oxford, UK and a BS in Financial Planning from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Additionally, I've completed studies in Executive Women's Leadership (IE Business School, Exec. MBA) & Transformational Coaching Methodology.

I'm a contributor for the Huffington Post, have been featured on the cover of Queen of the Castle Magazine & The Edge (much to my inner 8-year-old's delight), and interviewed for various radio and podcasts. I couldn't live without my morning run + jolt of caffeine, and I value experiences (like hang-gliding for the first time in Rio de Janeiro or snuggling my nephew) over things. If you want to get me talking, ask me about my favorite country or whether we're really going to move someday to our cabin, "Serendipity."

"At the age of 25 I was living in Madrid, Spain with my partner of four years. I had started a "successful" business from scratch, was making more money than I had in NYC, and traveling the world. But I wasn't happy. I didn't feel fulfilled by my work.

The journey to find my "purpose" involved giving up on my first company, the end of my relationship, countless travels, an MBA from Oxford, the passing of my Mother, Raven, and quitting my "stable" 6-figure management consulting job to return to the Midwest (US).

Becoming a Business Strategist was just the beginning of my new chapter; I still had to figure out how to turn my passion into a business that not only made money but made me excited to jump out of bed in the morning. Like most people, what I could easily do for others was not as easy to do for myself... 

After months of struggles, numerous info-products and courses, over $11K in business coaches, I finally found my unique formula for success. Now I spend my time loving my work, helping other experts and entrepreneurs with a passion achieve their own personal success without the overwhelm of focusing on the parts of business they don't enjoy."